French Fry Testing – The Final Submission

A voice in the back of my head told me it’s time to put my pencil down. The testing was now over. For nearly four weeks, I have been experimenting and testing new fry flavors for the Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic” challenge.

Boy, it sure was a challenge.

I’m thrilled to share with you my final submission for the Alexia Foods R&D department to consider is Wasabi Ranch Oven Fries!!!! They feature a lovely combination of a familiar ranch flavor with the sophisticated warmth of wasabi. I decided to use the wedge cut because it offered the most surface area for wasabi ranch seasoning to cling to and worked well in bringing out the natural potato flavor.

Here’s a recap of my four week testing process:

Week 1: My first week focused on taste testing as many varieties of Alexia Foods fry products as I could handle. This approach allowed me gain a better understanding of the taste, texture and cooking processes the brand has to offer. My favorites turned out to be spicy sweet potato fries and rosemary garlic wedges.

Week 2: I decided to throw a fry party to allow my friends to get involved in the testing process. I started by peeling and cutting nearly 3 pounds of russet potatoes into crinkle, shoe string and wedge shapes. Basket after basket of crisp golden fries emerged from the hot oil. I gave them a quick toss with a mixture of seasonings and instructed my test subjects to eat. This ritual continued into the late evening until our waistbands popped from the pressure.

Week 3: Learning about spice combinations was the name of the game for this week. I also started to focus on refining my wasabi ranch idea. With each tray of fries that emerged from the oven, I knew it was yet another step closer to a recipe I could deem worthy for submission.

Week 4: I spent nearly three consecutive late nights refining the recipe to perfection. When I finally decided to call it quits, I could have sworn my oven exhaled with excitement the process was over.

Now it’s a matter of waiting to see what Alexia Foods thinks. In the mean time, what do YOU think? Would you buy Wasabi Ranch Oven Fries if they were offered at your local market?

Disclosure: In accordance of FTC guidelines, Alexia Foods is providing a financial endorsement during the “Reinvent a Classic” promotion. The views and opinions discussed in this post are that of the author.

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