Cheesy Alexia Fries & Giveaway

Cheesy Fries

The picture above is my favorite way to eat French fries – grilled chicken, smothered in melted cheese and a dollop or two of sour cream for good measure.

I had the opportunity dive deep into the world of fries with Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic” contest over the summer. For an entire month, my task was to experiment with new fry flavor combinations in the hopes my recipe would be transformed into a new product for Alexia. The experimentation process was an interesting challenge that stretched my abilities as a recipe developer. I also became a fan of Alexia’s products along the way.

Sadly, my Wasabi Ranch Potato Wedges recipe was not selected to move onto the next round. Bummer…I know. It was thrilling though to see one of my favorite bloggers, The Duo Dishes, become a finalist with their Herbes de Provence & Garlic Sweet Potato fries. Congrats to them!


I’m thrilled to offer an extra special giveaway on behalf of Alexia Foods. It’s super easy to enter. Simply share your most favorite family meal memory in the comments section of this post before Friday, November 12. One lucky person will be randomly selected to receive an autographed copy of Tyler Florence’s latest cookbook Family Meal, an apron and 3 coupons for free Alexia products.

NOTE: The giveaway is now CLOSED.

Here are a few additional ways to get involved with Alexia Foods:

  • Vote – Visit the Alexia Facebook page and vote for the next fry flavor to hit stores.
  • Tune in LIVE! Tune in for a LIVE cooking demonstration with Chef Tyler Florence this Saturday, Nov. 5 at 7:30 PST streamed right on the Alexia Facebook page.
  • Save – All voters will be eligible to download a $1 off coupon for their next Alexia purchase.
  • Enter to Win – After voting for your favorite fry flavor, enter to win a trip for two to San Francisco with an exclusive meal prepared by Tyler Florence himself.

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  • Easter, every year, Dad would make kluski. We would spend all day Saturday coloring eggs and rolling out dough for the noodles.

  • I loved Thanksgiving mornings – the aroma of my Dad cooking sausage and veggies for the stuffing was heavenly. Then waiting (not so patiently) for the turkey to cook. Usually we had grandparents visiting from out of town, so that made the day even better!

  • My favorite memory is coming home from high school to mom pulling her “pantry pasta” out of the oven. we always pciked off some of the crunchy penne pieces with cheese straight from the oven and then getting to take it for leftovers for lunch the next day… yum! Now I might have to make some for dinner 🙂

  • My favorite memories of family meals were as a kid, when my parents would bake, cook and clean for hours before family would come over and I would get to help with some little task or another. The most exciting part of the day, however, was waiting at the windows at the front of the house for family to arrive. As an only child, I loved the extra play time and the preparations leading up to their arrival always made the excitement that much more intense.

  • My Italian grandmother made the best Spaghetti Gravy and Meatballs ever. It simmered all day on the stove and just when you couldn’t take it anymore…it was time to eat!

    Though she passed many years ago before I was really interested in family history (or cooking, for that matter), I happily (and surprisingly) got to learn the recipe from her sister just three years ago.

    When I pass it on to my boys, they will be the fourth generation to make this recipe–just like their great great grandma!

    jessicanunemaker at littleindiana dot com

  • Growing up, a pork chop and rice casserole with applesauce and peas on the side was a nearly weekly occurrence. It was the dinner my 2 sisters and I always requested for birthdays. And it’s become a staple in our own households now that we’re grown and have our own kids. Mom doesn’t make it as often anymore due to dietary restrictions of my dad, but I think he’s secretly happy about that!

  • When I was a child and lived with my grandmother she would make homemade chicken and dumplings. I remember sitting under the kitchen table as she rolled out the dough for her dumplings and I would reach up and steal the dumplings when I thought she wasn’t looking. During dinner, my grandmother would always say how she had to make extra dumplings that day because for some reason her recipe didn’t make enough and she turn and wink at me. Our little secret! But she did make the best chicken and dumplings I’ve ever tasted in all of my 53 years!!

  • Summertime, we would always have a big family reunion at the local state park. I remember as a kid going with my dad to the park to get a good spot and start up the grills early, and he would cook a quick breakfast for us right there on the grill. After my dad passed on (when I was 15) the reunions stopped. I missed all the family, and all the great food we used to share.

  • I made a really nice steak dinner for my mom’s 50th birthday. She said it was the best meal she’s ever eaten. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy or so proud to cook.