A Recap of the Farm to Table Pittsburgh Harvest Tasting

The Pittsburgh Public Market vacated the Strip District Produce Terminal back in 2013. Since then, the massive warehouse space has stood largely vacant – with an uncertain future.

Thanks to the folks at Farm to Table Pittsburgh, I had the opportunity to see the formal Public Market space buzzing with activity once again during the Harvest Tasting event this weekend. The original knotty pine entryway still gleamed from the polyurethane finish. A mural along the back wall remained intact and free from vandalism. Even the concrete floor and vast industrial ceiling was a welcomed sight.

Attending events like the ones organized by Farm to Table Pittsburgh are extremely valuable research opportunities Food Guy Adventures. I’m constantly on the lookout for new merchant partners and tasting opportunities to include on both existing and future tours.

With over 30 local food vendors, there was no shortage of samples to go around. The menu ranged from fresh meats and cheeses to an array of gourmet products. Even a handful of beer, wine and spirits vendors were sprinkled throughout. Some of my favorite exhibitors included Ideal Granola, 5 Generation Bakers, Community Kitchen and Allegheny City Farms. If I were to pick a favorite – even though it’s hard to pick just one – it would have to be Apple Chutney from Tait Farms.

Here is a quick recap of a few of the items I sampled during the event:

So let’s just say… I left the event with a pretty hefty bag of goodies that are sure to find their way onto my Thanksgiving menu this year!


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